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14th August is Independence Day in Pakistan and it's marked with an uphill ski competition in the Hindu Kush mountain range. NEW

It will held on the 70th anniversary of the country's creation and the partition of India.

Both national and international players are expected in the ski resort Malam Jabba to compete and celebrate.

In January, a Malam Jabba skiing competition attracted more than 30 international athletes

This event will also attract a large number of tourists.

Malam Jabba this past spring:


Between 2007-2009 Malam Jabba was held by the Taliban.

Features of the resort, the chairlift and a huge hotel, were razed by the Taliban before the area was taken back by the Pakistan Army.

In the previously dangerous area of Swat Valley, the Taliban deemed skiing un-Islamic but since the two-year reign of the Taliban in the area ended domestic ski tourism has been able to grow again.

Since chairlifts re-started the resort has been seeing 5,000 - 7,000 visitors daily bringing in around 12 million rupees annually.

Malam JabbaSkiing in Malam Jabba




















"We are working tirelessly for the success of the event to mark the 70th independence anniversary of Pakistan," Samsons Group GM, Yaqoob Khan, said to Pakistan Today.

"We are aware that the attendance of international sportspersons in the event will enhance international tourism in Pakistan."

Malam Jabba is the only ski resort of the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) province, which borders Afghanistan.

Partly due to the country's isolation, between Afghanistan and India, domestic tourism is on the rise.

But years of uncertainty has impacted international skiing in Pakistan.

@MalamJabbaSkiing FacebookMalam Jabba Skiing














Malam Jabba SkiingMalam Jabba Skiing















Dubai Sports World and Samsons Group are sponsors of the sporting competition.

There is a new luxury hotel under construction to replace the one burnt by the Taliban.

The chairlift that was built by China in Malam Jabba is in action.

New chairNew chair bringing skiers up and down...















The resort has a 5 star hotel under constructionThe resort has a 5 * hotel under construction















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