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Thursday August 10, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

PlanetSKI is at the centre of the eclipse belt in the ski resort of Sun Valley, Idaho for the blackout today, 21st August. UPDATED


It will be the first total solar eclipse in North America in 99 years.

Here in Sun Valley it's been the conversation on the streets for weeks, longer...

Where'll you be during the blackout?

Live Update - The Eclipse is currently taking place - watch the live steam on the YouTube video below:


'Official' stands line Main Street, counterfeit eclipse glasses are out there and lift tickets for Bald Mountain are being touted and re-sold for hundreds more than what a two-hour hike is worth.

The 2017 celestial event will follow this path, with mountain resorts in Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming experiencing the eclipse at its best on the totality belt.

Many hundreds of thousands of people are heading to the mountains to get the best views. 














I'm in Sun Valley, Idaho for the awesome event when the moon blocks out the sun, creating an incredible corona.

30,000 people are expected to be in the ski resort to watch it.

Or so we hope; wildfires, haze and smoke are factors threatening what was to be one of the clearest place to experience the natural phenomenon.

Katie Bamber reports from Sun Valley Below:

See here for a separate report on the wildfires affecting this part of North America.

The resort reports:

As well as Sun Valley, the ski resort of Jackson Hole in neighbouring Wyoming is a good bet with thousands flocking there for the experience.

US website News4C recommended Mt Jefferson in Oregon as there is still some snow.

However, wildfire in the area has shut down all access to the resort and it will remain closed during the eclipse.

Other ski resorts to experience the eclipse include Grand Targhee in Wyoming, Pebble Creek in Idaho, Brundage Mountain in Idaho and the ski lodges around Mr Hood and Mt Bachelor in Oregon.

Will anyone be going for a skiing or snowboarding shot during the eclipse?

A few years back during an eclipse across the Arctic, photographer Reuben Krabbe followed Cody Townsend and friends on a journey to capture a skier at the point of the total solar eclipse.

c/o Salomon Freeski TVc/o Salomon Freeski TV















 "Eclipse" won Best Adventure Film at the New York WILD Film Festival and Best Snow Sports Film at Banff.


The eclipse on Monday will cross Snake River near the town of Weiser at 10:10 Mountain Time.

Totality will hit at 11:29 in the morning in Sun Valley - that's 18.29 UK Time.

It's coming!It's coming!














The northern fringes of the Craters of the Moon national monument lie along the southern limit of the eclipse path.

The 'duration of totality' - yeah, how long it's dark for - will be relatively short here but we have fingers crossed for good visibility where we are based, further northwest.

After departing Idaho the path will cover parts of Wyoming - Jackson Hole included - Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Kentucky, Tennessee North, South Carolina and Georgia.

A solar eclipse is a shadow cast by the moon over a strip on Earth.

The path - or belt - will be 70 miles wide and the closer to the centre line the darker it will be for longer.

Those places on the path of totality will experience darkness for up to 180 seconds.


  • The path of totality will cut across 14 states
  • It'll hit America strongest through Salem, Oregon and cut through to Charleston, South Carolina
  • Over 100 minutes, 14 states will have darkness in the middle of the day
  • Every single state, from Hawaii to Alaska, will see a partial eclipse
  • A total eclipse was last visible across North America in 1918
  • 2 million people are expected under the belt

Visibility in areas such as around the Mississippi or Pacific Coast could be an issue due to humidity, with places such as Idaho, Wyoming and Oregon predicted to have the most clear experience.

However, with the recent drought and forest fires in Oregon and the smoke haze over Idaho it might not go this way.

As huge numbers start to descend on the popular resorts, will nature stop taking on herself, competing with her own two shows?

The last time PlanetSKI witnessed a solar eclipse was from the ski resort of Pitztal in Austria in March 2015.

It was though only a partial eclipse.

Our editor, James Cove, grabbed a nearby welding mask (as you do) to see the event.

PlanetSKI goes stargazingPlanetSKI goes stargazing

















See here for his report:

Now remember kids, don't look directly at the sun.

But let's howl at the corona.

NASAEarth's ionosphere - NASA








And do check back later for my reports as the resort of Sun Valley has it's biggest summer party.

Sun Valley PavilionSun Valley Pavilion

All the available lift tickets to watch it up the mountain have been sold.

But the eclipse can still be viewed both in the sky and on a big screen on the lawn of the Sun Valley Pavilion.

Breakfast will be available at the River Run Day Lodge starting at 7 AM.

The partial eclipse begins at 10:12 AM and reach its total stage at 11:29 AM.

Then Sun Valley Village will host a post-eclipse barbecue from noon to 4 PM with live entertainment and family activities.

We're waitingWe're waiting

It's coming...It's coming...

See here for the main PlanetSKI news page with all the latest stories from the mountains.

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