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Can't get out to the mountains to train, or can't afford an instructor to tweak your technique? Send a video in for training tips NEW


TipTop Ski Coaching is based out of Les Deux Alpes;

You guessed it; it is a coaching school. But now it has something new to offer.

And it's for everyone...

Video analysis:

Upload a short video of you skiing and have TipTop Coaching analyse it to give feedback from afar.


You can do a one off individual session or buy a package:

Virtual coachingTipTop Ski Coaching




















TipTop Ski CoachingTipTop Ski Coaching




















TipTop Ski CoachingTipTop Ski Coaching




















It is aimed at higher level skiers looking to fine tune their skiing.

Skiers working towards their BASI ski instructor exams that are wanting to train regularly with a focus would find this the ideal method for improving.

Or perhaps just work your skiing on a trip with short lessons and things to work on.

It is also interactive, so you can ask questions back.

Upload your video and have feedback by that evening ready to practice the next day!

At the other end of this virtual exchange is:

TipTop director and coach, Alex ChapmanAlex Chapman, TipTop director and coach




















"This tool is designed to allow people to improve their skiing through out the year, wherever they are!" the director of TipTop Ski Coaching, Alex Chapman, says.

Alex is a BASI Level 4 qualified Ski instructor.

She has been giving snowsports tuition for more than 15 years.

Watch this space for video examples and improvements...

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