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'You need to learn how to learn' - Director of Snoworks Ski Courses Phil Smith says. Read on... NEW



Then those elements that usually freak out the learner - ice, bad visibility, fresh snow, steeper terrain and bumps - will all become possible.

So, how do we learn?

Phil talks about the cycle of learning:

  • Doing
  • Accepting
  • Creating
  • Using

Getting instruction or taking a lesson is not where the learning ends.

Given, if you've decided to learn to ski and are taking lessons, you are committed.


"Instruction is not learning it's verbal information given to you by an instructor, coach, teacher, trainer," training pro Phil says.

"Yes, it can aid and help learning but it's not learning, it's information, albeit it may be good information.

You can spend thousands on instruction but not learn a thing.

You can listen, enjoy and gain lots of information but may not actually change how you ski.

The big step in learning is firstly to become a good learner."

And so, using a learning model from David Kolb, called the 'Experiential Learning Cycle'(University of Exeter), Phil Smith has adapted and explained his skier's version here, helping those at Snoworks.
















And below are just a few interesting tasters of what we at PlanetSKI think are important observations:

In the doing part...

You're already committed as you're having a go. But do adults always fully immerse themselves?

Do we block ourselves by playing it safe, when learning as an adult?

We have many fears; doing it wrong, getting injured, being embarrassed...

Keep confident, push yourself just the right amount - See 'It's All In The Goal'.

In the accepting part...

That is, accepting the outcome of having a go.

It's hard to stomach that having a go won't mean instant success.

If you don't leave your comfort zone and try something, 'no learning will take place'.

"Your mindset is critical, you need to be open, free to new sensations, free to new experience," Phil claims.

Read Snoworks blog post 'Mistakes? What Mistakes?'

Mistakes? What Mistakes? blogMistakes? What Mistakes? blog














In the creating part...

Here's the meaningful stuff, that makes sense:

"Everything that you have done prior to today becomes part of the new you and what you do today becomes part of the new you tomorrow."

You need to move forwards as this is where the learning will happen!

In the using part...

'Applying the new you'

It's time to put the new skills learned in the previous steps and match them to the environment - the terrain and snow conditions.

Look out stuff that previously daunted you - but in a measured performance.

Learning is in your own hands - you can feel it all more:

You're skiing more in control, travelling faster or slower, tackling more difficult terrain, coping with ice, bad visibility or fresh snow.

All this sound exciting? Whatever level we are we can all benefit from some of this.

Here's what one happy Snoworks customer has written:

"The Snoworks All-Terrain Ski Course with Emma Carrick-Anderson transformed my skiing. I am 45 and have been skiing (badly) for around 10 years, firmly stuck on the blues and reds and rather grateful to get down them safely.

"After undertaking the All-Terrain Ski Course with Emma, I am now truly an all-mountain skier ...

"With Emma's instructions ringing in my ears I have had the tools to tackle hugely differing conditions from piste to powder.

"Skiing after a Snoworks Course is truly a different experience as you survey the mountain looking for fun and good snow, confident in your ability to rise to the challenges of the terrain.

"I can't recommend the Snoworks Ski Course highly enough, it totally transformed my skiing in 15 hours!

"I am never balking at a piste marker again wondering what obstacles it will throw at me down the mountain, I am an all-terrain skier!"

Fabienne Durrant

SnoworksHappy Snoworks skiers












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