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Two wingsuit flyers leap off a 4,158m Swiss mountain to catch a plane! Really! NEW & UPDATED



A wingsuit duo have taken the internet by storm - freefalling some 3,000m in the Swiss Alps, then entering a moving plane through its side door!

Who are these guys?

The two Frenchmen Frédéric Fugen and Vincent Reffet, known as the Soul Flyers have already stunned the wingsuit world with antics over the Dolomites and Mont Blanc.

This time though, they went one better by pulling off a breathtaking leap off the Jungfrau and entered a plane travelling over 138/kmh.

The project was in honour of daredevil and wingsuit flyer Patrick de Gayardon who pushed the boundaries of wingsuit flight, and who peformed a similar flight some years ago.

This was a stunt that required many months of practice.

It took more than 100 test flights and the first serious attempt was abandoned.

Eventually Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet achieved what many of us would deem impossible.

In one of the most spectacular ways to ever catch a flight, Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet flew through the open door of a tiny light aircraft in mid-air after freefalling from the summit of the Jungfrau in the Swiss Alps.

Leaping off the JungfrauLeaping off the Jungfrau












Fred and Vince jumped off the top of the Jungfrau summit that is 4,158 metre.

Their intention was to enter the back door of the moving plane.

One attempt looks very painful as one of the guys ricochets off the side of the plane while he flies over 135km/h.

Watch the gripping stunt unfold in the video below:

And here's the slightly longer version:

Fred Fugen - flying to catch a plane!Fred Fugen - flying to catch a plane!













The Pilatus Porter light aircraft was flown by experienced and expert pilot Philippe Bouvier and accurately navigated by project coordinator Yves "Jetman" Rossy - the Swiss military-trained pilot, aviation enthusiast and daredevil.

We have written about Yves Rossy wearing his jetpack and flying alongside military jets many times on PlanetSKI.

Pilatus Porter light aircraft flown by Philippe Bouvier & navigated by Yves Pilatus Porter light aircraft flown by Philippe Bouvier & navigated by Yves "Jetman" Rossy












 Pilatus Porter light aircraft flown by Philippe Bouvier & navigated by Yves Pilatus Porter light aircraft flown by Philippe Bouvier & navigated by Yves "Jetman" Rossy - flanked by Reffet and Fugen















The flight was timed to perfection.

Both wingsuit flyers managed to freefall down to meet the plane, with Reffet gliding smoothly into the cabin first closely followed by Fugen.

Phew! They made itPhew! They made it












Reffet, 33, said: "The conditions were perfect and we were well prepared, but it was still an incredibly difficult challenge."

"It was very complicated for us as we tried a first time but we messed up a bit and that sucks so much energy out of you. Going up to 4,000 meters, it physically costs a lot. Once I got in, I only thought about one thing, my buddy behind:"

Fugen added: "Right now our thoughts go to Patrick (de Gayardon) who was the first to re-enter a plane. We wanted to do it differently by jumping from a mountain. It is a huge achievement."

Here at PlanetSKI we have voted this to be THE stunt of the year.

Vince Reffet flying 135km/h - 3639mVince Reffet flying 135km/h - altitude 3,639m












Fred Fugen flying 135km/h - altitude 3,649mFred Fugen flying 135km/h - altitude 3,649m
















Vince - eyes up the aircraft door!Vince - eyes up the aircraft door! Flying in at 138km/h


















The wingsuit duo - Vince & Fred on top of the Jungfrau The wingsuit duo - Vince & Fred on the Jungfrau












For added information the video below shows the crew preparing for the stunt.

Multiple cameras are included on the plane and show the different angles of Vince and Fred as they enter the plane.

Moreover to ephasise just how tricky the entire exercise has been, shots of not-so-successful attempts at entry have been included, and at high speed they look painful.

Raw footage below:

Massive congratulations to the team!

Patrick de Gayardon (1960-1998) was a French skydiver, skysurfer and a BASE jumper, famous for pushing the boundaries of skydiving.

He was one of the first to develop the unique style of skysurfing, in which skydivers use a snowboard to make aerobatic maneuvers.

He was the inspiration for Reffet and Fugen as he made the first attempt to enter a moving aircraft.

He died testing new skydiving equipment.

Photos and video: Red Bull Content Pool

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