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Russia's athletes are planning to compete under a neutral flag at the Pyeongchang 2018 Winter Olympic Games. NEW

Last week a ruling by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) was issued refusing the Russian Olympic Committee to send athletes to the upcoming Winter Games in South Korea.

If you missed this development read up on it here:
It follows widespread anti-doping violations among Russia's top level athletes.

And this week it has been announced that the Russian athletes who can prove they are clean can compete at Pyeongchang under a neutral flag.

The news was released by the head of the Russian Olympic Committee's head, Sofya Velikaya.

Olympic games news outlet has reported on the latest:

There had been talk in Russia of a boycott of the Games and some media outlets, including state-television company VGTRK, have claimed they will not be broadcasting from Pyeongchang.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has claimed that he will not force Russian athletes, who wish to compete under a neutral flag, to boycott the event.

"At the moment, there are no athletes who have refused to take part in the Games," Velikaya has said.

"The athletes' position is that the majority of them want to take part in the Olympic Games.

"The athletes are well aware that there won't be a flag and an anthem of the country, but they still represent Russia.

"The ROC Athletes' Commission, however, have still sent a letter to IOC President Thomas Bach, asking him to review the their decision on Russia.

"We ask the IOC to be unbiased in regard to the athletes at the Olympics. We don't want them to invite team members number five or six, and not the leaders," Velikaya said.

According to Russia's official state news agency TASS, the official announcement by Olympic Chair Velikaya - who has a gold medal in fencing -  means athletes will be taking part at Pyeongchang 2018.

The final announcement on the participation in the Olympic Games is to be made tomorrow (Wednesday) in Moscow.

Read our previous report on the story here at PlanetSKI last week:
Russian ski jumper, Denis Kornilov who plans to compete in 2018.Russian ski jumper, Denis Kornilov who plans to compete in 2018.














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