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WE MADE IT! - Kisia Cove, Verbier
Wednesday December 13, 2017 - Email this article to a friend

It took us 24 hours longer than it should have but PlanetSKI got to Verbier in the end. Just in time for an afternoon ski.


With heavy snow across parts of England on Sunday there was chaos on Monday morning as we arrived at Heathrow.

Flights were cancelled and little information provided as we waited.

Would we make it to Verbier to enjoy the fresh powder?

Sadly not.

Our only option was to rebook and wait until the following day.

We had heard that the conditions in the Alps were tricky in places and much of the travel infrastructure had come to a grinding halt.

Maybe we wouldn't have got to the resort anyway.


But it was going to be more than 'all right' in the end.

When we arrived everyone was buzzing with excitement saying this was the Best Start to Winter in Verbier since 1999.

The early 4.30am start was worth every minute.

We finally made it.

It was bleak and gray at Geneva with rain falling, but as our journey by car progressed, the rain quickly turned to sleat then soft snow.

Snow on the road - 12th DecemberSnow on the road - 12th December
















The short video clip below shows the snow on the roads, but we kept on going.

Round the hairpin bends up to Verbier - 12th December Round the hairpin bends up to Verbier - 12th December


















Right now it's one of those very rare and wonderful bluebird days!

We will be updating the story later.

But at this moment folks, sorry but we're off skiing.

Verbier, Wednesday 13th DecemberVerbier, Wednesday 13th December

















What more can I say?  The conditions were perfect.

We have it on good authority the recent storm dumped around 1.20m of snow on the mountains in Verbier.

And today the grey, grim wintry weather had been transformed into a beautiful bluebird day.

By mid afternoon though the clouds came in again bearing EVEN MORE snow.

The pictures below say it all better than words.

The morning started off looking like this:

360 view from Dahu at La Chaux in Verbier - 13th December.

Soak in the snowy view from the top of The Jumbo lift looking up towards Mont Fort:

Verbier looking magnificent - yours truly in orangeVerbier looking magnificent - yours truly in orange

Skiing down Fontanet:

As predicted the weather began to close in late afternoon.

Weather closing in againWeather closing in again















Check back later - weather permitting we hope to go skiing a with Freeride World Tour champion in the morning.

How exciting is that? Fingers crossed.😎


The tell-tale rumble, crunch and loud clanking was my alarm clock this morning.

Yes, there had been more snow overnight, and the morning clear up had begun.

The morning was bleak with a wind whipped the snow off the rooves, and it was still snowing lightly in town.

I was concerned our promised ski with Emilien Badoux may not happen.

 Snowboarder, Emilien Badoux was the 2014 winner of the Freeride World Tour.










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