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PLANETSKI LANDS IN NASSFELD PART I - James Rampton, Nassfeld, Austria
Thursday January 11, 2018 - Email this article to a friend

The ski gods have been smiling on PlanetSKI, at least those of us lucky enough to be in Nassfeld. It has charm coming out of its ears. NEW



While other areas of the Alps have been afflicted by snowstorms of almost biblical proportions - and some unfortunates in resorts such as Zermatt have had to be helicoptered out - this corner of Carinthia has been sunny.

Yes, you heard that right. SUNNY.

We flew EasyJet into a very overcast Ljubljana, but the moment we crossed the border from Slovenia into Austria, as if by magic, the clouds parted and we were dappled by the sun.

They must have heard PlanetSKI was coming.

An hour later, we were pulling up at the Franz Ferdinand, the extraordinary new modernistic hotel that has just opened in the centre of Nassfeld.

The hotel is so unusual and eye-catching that we will be devoting an entire piece to it later.

Gorgeous late-afternoon rays drenched the traditional village centre and surrounding meadows.

There is nothing like the sun to brighten up your dingy and possibly "dry" January.

Sunshine on NassfeldSunshine on Nassfeld




















However, sadly, we were just too late to hit the slopes.

So there was only one thing for it: hit the bars instead.

PlanetSKI found a very inviting establishment called Zum Alois at the bottom of the main run into the village.

It was an archetypal wood-panelled Austrian hostelry and served a classic beer'n'Wiener Schnitzel combo.

Sunshine on NassfeldSunshine on Nassfeld














Sunshine on NassfeldSunshine on Nassfeld















As we entered, The Proclaimers' timeless hit "I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)" was blasting out of the PA system.

"I put it on specially for you," the barman beamed at us.

It was nice of him to think of us, but in fact we'd only walked about 50 metres from the hotel.

Nestling in a weather "sweet spot" and enjoying a balmy micro-climate, Nassfeld boasts 100 hours more sun per season than resorts further north in the Alps.

To reinforce the point, the main mountain here is called Sonnenalpe ("sunny Alp").

The resort's official photos also emphasise the sunny disposition of Nassfeld, which is being included for the first time in Crystal's winter programme.

Sunshine on NassfeldSunshine on Nassfeld


















Sunshine on NassfeldSunshine on Nassfeld















As A-ha, Norway's successful pop band (is it too rude to say "Norway's only successful pop band"?), might have put it in one of their deathless Euro-tracks: the sun always shines on TV - and Nassfeld.

We will be exploring this resort, which is new to us, all week.

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Fact Box

A week's half board at the 3.5* Hotel Franz Ferdinand costs from £545 per person (two sharing) including Easyjet flights from Gatwick to Klagenfurt departing 13 January 2018 and transfers.

Crystal Ski Holidays (; 020 8610 3123)

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