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G.N.A.R Epic Ski Movie

A Film by Scott and Robb Gaffney

KBYG: Know Before You Go

Do you know when to back off and when it’s good to go? The Know Before You Go avalanche awareness programme will get you started down the path of learning the language of the mountains and becoming a better and safer rider.

Is this the Craziest Line Ever Skied?

Tight Loose is vailable from 18th October 2016 on Itunes

Mammoth Backcountry: Chasing El Niño with Chris Benchetler Ep 4

Skijoring in Jackson Hole: The macho way

Alaskan Airdrop with Xavier De Le Rue

DownSide Up (T’es pas bien là ?) new trailer from Sebastien Montaz-Rosset

"Its a shame to get the rope out ... better to fall than get the rope out!" Oops I think not.  Here's another film from Sebastien Montaz-Rosset called DownSide Up (T’es pas bien là ?).  Its filmed in Chamonix where peaks over 4,000m rise spectacularly from the valley floor. 

Sebastien joins skier and mountain guide, Vivian Bruchez, as he explores his backyard on several steep adventures in a winter of exceptional snow, in the company of a few talented friends. Previously impassable and unthinkable routes become a tangible reality when skill, experience and conditions align.

It seems Vivian Bruchez is the dry ski specialist ... in this case its known as skiing over rocks.

This a trailer for a 34 minute documentary.

AFTERGLOW - Full Film by Sweetgrass Productions

Filmed as a partnership between Sweetgrass Productions, Philips TV, and the Swedish Agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren, it's two parts creativity, one part branded content, and a pinch of masochism for good measure. Overall, it's an incredibly unique partnership between our vision of skiing and the color and light technology behind the Philips Ambilight TV. Shot on location at: Golden Alpine Holidays Sentry Lodge, Alyeska Resort, and the Alaskan Wilderness. Watch the Light Suit Segment here:


AFTERGLOW: Lightsuit Segment

Trailer: Everest

Trailer: Backcountry Skiing

Black Diamond: BDTV S1 - Season 1 Trailer -

Neil Provo segment from Powderwhores' SOME THING ELSE

USSki Team Heli-Skiing in New Zealand

Trailer: Conquering the Useless

Digital Download Available in Early October.

Speed Record Matterhorn 2015

Face nord du Pain de Sucre ski Chamonix Mont-Blanc

One of those days 2: Candide Thovex

Candide Thovex having another one of those days in his home resort.

Few Words: Candide Thovex - Full movie

FEW WORDS A CANDIDE THOVEX FILM FEW WORDS an award winning documentary that retraces the life story of the most accomplished skier in the world Candide Thovex.

Big Mountain Tour- Sunrise Lodge Canada

The Völkl BMT Team, Ingrid Backstrom, Ian MacIntosh, Stian Hagen, Austin Ross and Christina Lusti explore the beauty of the the Selkirk mountains in Canada. Early season ski-touring doesn’t get much better than this, imagine having you own little cabin far away from anyone with great terrain outside your door and perfect powder.

Who's having most fun?

So who is having more fun? The snowboarders, helicopter pilot or the driver of this monster car?

Fjord Ski Adventures

Simply fabulous scenery and great video - well done guys!

Wow! Samuel Anthamatten's dramatic fall and even more spectacular recovery from Saturday's Verbier Xtreme. Is he a super human?

FWT Julien Lopez's avalanche accident Kappl Austria

Explanations: After the decision to stop the competition in Kappl / Austria, we thought we would catch up with Julien Lopez and the mountain guides to try to understand what happened and how Julien is doing after his scare. In this episode of the FWT Journal you will hear that "risk zero" does not exist and that no matter how many safety measure you take, and the tour organizers go above and beyond with this, the danger of avalanche is always very real in the mountains. Food for thoughts! Stay safe out there...

Winter wakeskating with Brian Grubb

Brian Grubb paid a visit to Bosnia and Herzegovina and headed for Olympic mountain Bjelasnica, 25 kilometer from Sarajevo. His vision was to take wakeskating completely out of the summer environment and put it in winter conditions. And, to spice things up, to combine water and snow elements for the first time. His quest brought him to Studeni Potok (Icy Creek) on Bjelasnica plateau, near the village Umoljani. What they've found there was a snowy wonderland amidst untouched mountain wilderness. Icy Creek lies at the bottom of a snow covered valley, winding its countless curves through the thick white blanket. The locals also call the creek Dragon's Tail. Preparing combined snow/water course in heavy terrain and weather conditions was quite a task. Pulled by one of the longest winch lines (1300ft), he carved his way through the deep snow at one moment, wakeskating in the creek at next, back to snow, then creek again – performing some of his favorite tricks on water and snow. It´s a sort of mixture of wake and snowskating… something that lacks a name?

Skijoring Behind Motorcycles

Red Bull Twitch'n'Ride is a skijoring competition....lets start there. WTF is skijoring? A quick google search says: "Skijoring is a winter sport where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, a dog (or dogs) or a motor vehicle." We don't believe in animal cruelty here, and motorcycles are kind of our bread and butter so the question now is, "Who's comin' with me?!" Red Bull Twitch 'n' Ride took place this year in the Latvian medieval town of Cesis and gathered almost 300 reckless skijoring participants! Getting pulled behind a motorcycle on skis is hard enough, but add the difficulty level of this expert track and now you really have a party.

Snowboarding & Jet Engines: Jamie Barrow

Adam at Dreamscience developed these electric jet engines and need someone crazy enough to test them out fully, thats why he contacted me. Here is the full video of what happened. Located in the beautiful Frozen lake in St Moritz, Switzerland 2014.

Lost Village: Salomon Freeski

Lost Village: Salomon Freeski TV S8 E07: Val de la Clarée is one of the last quiet corners of the French Alps, but it could have been very different. In the 1970's a proposed highway and tunnel threatened to open the valley up to development, but the local farmers and residents protested. Mark Abma, Leo Ahrens, Tony Lamiche and Timothée Theaux visit this quiet valley to live of the grid in a restored chalet for a week of skiing under their own power.

One of those days 2: Candide Thovex

Candide Thovex having another one of those days in his home resort.  Watch the first One of those days

Powder Heaven: Japan in December

Giro Snow – Unplugged Episode 4 Japan pt. 2

Few things get you away from your daily grind. For pro skiers, the everyday is a vacation from the realities of the rest of the world. But the truth is that contests, filming and traveling can take their toll. To unplug from the normal routine, Drew Tabke, Ingrid Backstrom, Riley Leboe, Reine Barkered and Izzy Lynch head to the north island of Japan to reconnect with what inspires them in skiing, to explore new terrain and seek new culture. Join the crew as they venture off the grid, deep into the highest peaks of in Hokkaido to get bottomless turns in complete solitude.

Xavier de le Rue Line of the year nomination

Xavier de le Rue is from France. He skied this line in Haines, Alaska in 2013 for the Movie Mission Steeps. A TimeLine Missions Film

Samuel Anthamatten Line of the year nomination

Samuel Anthamatten is from Switzerland. He skied this line for the Movie Mission Steeps in June 2013. A Timeline Missions Movie.

Dave Treadway Profile

Dave Treadway is a Big Mountain skier who lives in Pemberton, British Columbia with his wife and son.

Jesper Tjäder (SWE) skiing a 55m transfer over a Halfpipe at the Nine Knights event in Livigno last weekend. Phew! Awesome!

Afterglow - Full Film

AFTERGLOW - Full Film by Sweetgrass Productions. Shot on location at: Golden Alpine Holidays Sentry Lodge, Alyeska Resort, and the Alaskan Wilderness. Filmed as a partnership between Sweetgrass Productions, Philips TV, and the Swedish Agency Ahlstrand & Wållgren, it's two parts creativity, one part branded content, and a pinch of masochism for good measure. Overall, it's an incredibly unique partnership between our vision of skiing and the color and light technology behind the Philips Ambilight TV.

Fun on skis - with a lot of skill

Real Skifi Episode 11 - Skiing is an art.   Music: Grand Island - While the Night Is Young

TGR: Almost Ablaze Official Trailer

Almost Ablaze  - Teton Gravity Research (TGR's) latest film, Almost Ablaze features some great skiing/riding in Jackson Hole and the surrounding area.

OMG! Insane ski line EVER

Cody Townsend skiing the most ridiculously scary line. "DAYS OF MY YOUTH" - a new fiilm that examines every skier's lifelong affinity for the sport.

Avalanche Controller: Salomon Freeski

The Controller - Samomon Freeski TV S8 E05

As an avalanche controller, Kevin Fogolin gets to work and ski in some of the most spectacular mountains on earth. We follow him on his job as he brings down some of the most impressive avalanches ever caught on film.


Peak Walk - On top of the world

107m long and at an altitude of amost 3,000m, The Peak Walk by Tissot, boasts stunning views across the Alps taking in views of Mt Blanc and the Matterhorn. Will you be brave enough to take the challenge and take a stroll across it? Weather permitting it stays open all year round. Its free for visitors to Glacier 3000.

Backcountry with Aksel Lund Svindal

The Evolution of a Freeskier – Aksel Lund Svindal

125 years of the Cresta Run, St Moritz.

This film was made to celebrate 125th anniversary of the Cresta Run, St Moritz, Switzerland. Featuring some vintage footage.

Snowy scenes from Banff National Park

Looking forward to these 4 short films out this Autumn. Sculpted in Time Trailer sets the snowy scene in Banff, Mt Norquay, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise.

Mica to Greenland Teaser from North Face

Winter in Greenland looks awesome. Mica to Greenland follows Lucas and Johnny Collinson as they prepare for the trip of a lifetime shredding powder in the backcountry of Mica, British Columbia, before joining Hilaree O'Neill and Ralph Backstrom in pursuit of Greenland's most epic peaks.

Hilarious naked Ski & Snowboard video

Return to Mica – Salomon Freeski TV S7 E01

Finals day for Freeski Open of New Zealand Slopestyle in Cardrona. Beautiful day, beautiful result for Woodsy (features Woodsy from 2:28mins). What a star.

Another awesome video from Salomon FreeskiTV. A must-watch powder tease. #WinterIsComing We wish it was here.

Salomon Freeski TV is back for its 8th season. 12 new films will be released bi-weekly from 7th October. Follow the team's adventures in Japan, France, Iceland, Italy, Canada and New Zealand... #WinterIsComing

A little bit of fun with some powder skiing & snowboarding.... naked! At least, some guys are wearing transceivers. It must be f-f-freezing.

Highliners walk line between the French Alps 380 metres off the ground

Two of the world's most skilled highliners walked a tightrope one the Vanoise Express cable car between the snowy peaks of the French Alps.

K2: Siren of the Himalayas (Official 2013 Trailer)

Into The Mind

Blur the lines between dream state and reality, as you perceive the world through the minds of many. Into the Mind contemplates the experiences passed between mentors and peers to paint a philosophical portrait of human kind. What drives us to overcome challenge? How do we justify risk? What forces are at the core of a mountain addiction?

Xavier de le Rue - One Man and his dog

Fresh powder snow, sunshine ... great ingredients for a day out with your dog. 
Xavier de le Rue often rides with his powder hound.
He warns of safety in the mountains and warns that there is no such thing as zero risk.

March 2013

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