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Tricks On Skis (1935)

Kitzbuehel International Ski Meet (1965)

To Scotland With Skis (1966)

Snow Games! (Beautiful 1920s Video Montage)

Pathe News Reviews 1956 - Year Of Turmoil (1956)

Review of the year - early shots show snowy scenes.

Dutch Royal Family Skiing Holiday (1947)

History Of Skiing Schools (1959)

Ski Joering

Ski Joering with a Twist: (1955)

World's Most Dangerous Sport  (1955)

Unconventional tow by cable car! (1936)

"By ski line to the sky!" Eastern Alps, Austria. Various shots of cable railway up the Schmittenhohe mountain taking workers and visitors up the mountain. Skiers attached to train by ropes are towed up to top.

Can you imagine doing something like this now?

Skiers Towed by plane (1938)

Buffalo, New York, United States of America. Various shots of members of the Red Jacket Ski Club being towed over snow by an aeroplane at 70 miles an hour (some shots are a bit wobbly). It looks like good fun! The last shot shows the plane taking off and flying over the camera; the skier being towed comes towards us and lets the camera pass through his legs.

Skiing On Tow (1968)

A different sort of skijoering. Film shows various shots of a skiing competition in Austria, where the skiers are towed behind cars or motorcycles up a snow covered mountain road. The fastest time down is the winner.


Ski Shapers! (1936)

'SKI SHAPERS!' Location of events unknown, possibly Germany?  Film includes several shots of skis being carved and shaped by craftsmen at a factory. Funny pronounciation of skiing or sheeing!


Motor Racers Use Ice Track (1959)

"AUSTRIA - MOTOR RACERS USE ICE TRACK" in Salzburg, Austria. Various shots of motor cars racing round the frozen Zell Am See track, pulling skiers along behind them - known as ski-joring. Most of the cars seem to be Volkswagen Beetles. Commentator explains this is part of the Professor Porche Memorial Meeting.

Aero-Propelled Ski (1969)

Aero-propelled skiing.  Here's an invention that hasn't taken off!  Video shows a skier who is propelled across the snow by a large propellor motor on his back.

At the Mariisk Polytechnical Institute (Russia) we see several shots of the inventors and designers looking at the contraption.

Rocky Mountain Rescue (1956)

Great video showing a good solid apporach to safety in 1956 from Banff, Rocky Mountains, Alberta, Canada. Thankfully the process of setting off avalanches has become slightly safer than being roped up and standing on the edge of a cornice and sawing it off!


1932 Ski Joëring & ski jumping.

White Tracks Section 3 (1932 - Biały ślad 3). Black & white film shown in Polish cinemas circa 1932.  This film features some early ski jumping, some 30's Ski Joëring, ski touring and some mighty long skis.

(1965) Lillywhites ski slope

Strange to think Lillywhites used to have a ski slope.  Check out this 1965 Vintage Video from Pathé, which also features a ski school in Hammersmith, London.

White Tracks - 1932 - Biały ślad 4

Biały ślad (4). Episode 4 of a charming Polish film in cinemas circa 1932, with snowy scenes from the Tatry Mountains. We think its shot in Zakopane.

1948 Winter sports at Kingussie, Invernesshire.

Winter sports at Kingussie, Invernesshire. Even in 1948 it was considered a skiing destination to compete with Switzerland.

Wengen Slalom 1933

Snow (1963)

A stunning BFI movie comprising train and track footage quickly shot just before a heavy winter's snowfall was melting.

The award-winning classic that emerged from the cutting-room compresses British Rail's dedication to blizzard-battling into a thrilling eight-minute montage cut to music. Tough-as-boots workers struggling to keep the line clear are counterpointed with passengers' buffet-car comforts.

1963 Jana's first time skiing

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